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Magical Spelling is a way of using the visual strategy for learning, storing, and accessing the spelling of English words, so that the correct spelling simply flows from your fingers when you are writing or typing.

In addition to preventing mis-spellings, Magical Spelling allows your writing to become more fluent, and your reading to become faster, smoother and more accurate.

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The Magic in Magical Spelling - Helping children spell better

Who is Magical Spelling for

Over the eighteen years that we have been teaching the Magical Spelling strategy, we have found that any educable person can master this skill.

Many people get it in 10 minutes. The very slowest take maybe four half-hour sessions. Then they become ‘natural’ good spellers. That is why Cricket called it “Magical Spelling”.

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Visit our full list of upcoming Magical Spelling courses already in the diary. We can provide courses in the UK and across Europe for both new learners and tutors.

If you’d like explore the Magical Spelling teaching strategy in your school or community, contact us about creating a bespoke course.

You can order our comprehensive workbook and desktop tutor to load onto your computer. Together these support teachers and parents  help children learn and embed the process easily.

You can download our Magical Spelling eBook with everything you need to learn the Strategy in 7 easy steps.

“I am continuously amazed and comforted that people can pick Magical Spelling up so easily when spelling has eluded them for so long.”

Cricket Kemp, Magical Spelling Limited Founder

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We've got some lovely Magical Spelling going on with youngsters who've fallen out of the school system - fantastic to watch their faces as they grasp the concept and start teaching one another - we've struggled this year to have time for the business with unexpected illness so it's lovely to come back to it. ... See MoreSee Less

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On Saturday 30th June, we are running a literacy (reading, writing, spelling) in Darlington, Co Durham. Young children from 10.00 to 12.00. ADULTS from 1.00 to 3.00. Still have some vacancies. Contact Cricket - cricket@patterning.co.uk ... See MoreSee Less

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I just found this poem, written by Nancy Doyle of Genius Within all about the story I tell younger learners about what it was like for me trying to spell as a child. Hope it brings a smile and also some great tips on how to spell!

Caitlin was a little girl who tried to learn to spell
She practised all the time but it didn’t go so well

She threw down her pencil, sighed and said
I just can’t do it! I’m going straight to bed

She got into her bed and hid beneath the covers
Why can’t I spell just as well as all the others?

Poor Caitlin cried herself to sleep, she was sad
She didn’t know how to make her spelling not so bad

But suddenly from nowhere a Wizard appeared
With a tall purple hat and a rather straggly beard

He smiled at Caitlin and said “it’s alright
I’ll show you my spelling trick it won’t take half the night

The first thing that you have to do is feel good inside
Feeling yummy in your tummy, knees, toes or mind

Where can your feeling be? Make it up right now
Does it have a size or shape? Does it shout out WOW”?

Well Caitlin found a sparkle in the corner of her heart
It wasn’t very big but it was a good start

The Wizard waved his wand and the sparkle grew and grew
It shone so bright within her and suddenly she knew

That she could learn to spell with the wizard and his tricks
There wasn’t any need to get her knickers in a twist

The Wizard asked Caitlin to picture in her head
Her front door from memory: “is it black, brown or red?”

She remembered it had a letterbox halfway and it was white
The wizard pointed out that she looked up and left, not right

He told her that up and to the left must be
Where she kept her picture memory

And that if she could remember her door and stuff
Remembering words should be easy enough

The Wizard showed her a word that was very long
But her sparkle grew, she couldn’t get it wrong

The wizard held the word to the left and up high
And she let the letters sink in to her mind’s eye

When the wizard turned the paper round so that the word was gone
Caitlin was surprised to see her memory was turned on

Her eyes seemed to see the letters up and left
The first one, the second and most of the rest

She thought that the letters at the end could be more clear
They jiggled around a bit, Caitlin started to fear

But! The wizard waved his wand about and said don’t worry
Make that sparkle shine and take your time, no hurry

Here’s the word again, think of sparkle, look at how
The shapes of letters rise and fall, take a picture now

Caitlin felt the magic buzzing all about her brain
She took a deep breath and looked at the word again

This time it popped out completely whole and clear
She closed her eyes but the word was still there

When the Wizard took it away she spelled every letter
Forwards or backwards her spelling couldn’t get better

It was just like a switch had been thrown in her mind
She shook the Wizard’s hand and said “thanks for being so kind”

The wizard practised with her until she knew ten words
Her sparkle was so strong she felt like flying with the birds

Caitlin was a Magical Speller it was true
All of a sudden so many words she knew

The wizard gave a flick of his wand and disappeared
Caitlin climbed back into bed her brain feeling weird

She slept very soundly and she woke up bright
Because she still remembered all her spellings right

From then on Caitlin had no trouble to spell
She knew how to work her memory well

Start with a good feeling put the word up to the left
Notice all the shapes and your memory does the rest!
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