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My client is having a problem seeing some letters – how can I help?

If they are having difficulties ask them to do any of the following:-

  • Ask “What do you need to do to make the word/letters clear and still?”;
  • Break the word into groups of up to three letters and build your picture group by group;
  • Make any unclear letters or groups stand out by making them look different than the others in some way – e.g. bigger, brighter, closer, a different colour, etc;
  • If the word is a person or a thing, picture that person or that thing and put the letters over it or under it like a caption;
  • Picture the word in your favourite colour;
  • If it is a long word, make the letters small enough so that you can see the whole word easily;
  • Trace the letters in the air with your finger and picture in your mind the letters you are writing.

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Magical Spelling is with Caitlin Walker.
Magical Spelling

Caitlin Walker teaching year 5 and 6 children the simple steps of Magical Spelling at a local school here on the Wirral. ... See MoreSee Less

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We've got some lovely Magical Spelling going on with youngsters who've fallen out of the school system - fantastic to watch their faces as they grasp the concept and start teaching one another - we've struggled this year to have time for the business with unexpected illness so it's lovely to come back to it. ... See MoreSee Less

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