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Why learn Magical Spelling?

Spelling is a capability, learnt easily by some, and more difficult for others. This way of learning to spell isn’t magical at all, it’s very ordinary.

As far as we know nearly everyone who can spell English words consistently and accurately uses it.

It is only magical for those many people who have tried to use other mental strategies to learn to spell and despite many long hours of study have failed.

These people, many of them very intelligent, are often branded lazy, stupid or careless. They sometimes believe it themselves.

Specific difficulty with spelling may affect many areas of their lives:

  • how they think of and esteem themselves as learners;
  • the interests they pursue;
  • how they are perceived by others;
  • and in adulthood, the jobs they might go for.
In addition to preventing mis-spellings, “Magical Spelling” allows writing to become more fluent, and reading to become faster, smoother and more accurate.

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Magical Spelling

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Magical Spelling is with Caitlin Walker.
Magical Spelling

Caitlin Walker teaching year 5 and 6 children the simple steps of Magical Spelling at a local school here on the Wirral. ... See MoreSee Less

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We've got some lovely Magical Spelling going on with youngsters who've fallen out of the school system - fantastic to watch their faces as they grasp the concept and start teaching one another - we've struggled this year to have time for the business with unexpected illness so it's lovely to come back to it. ... See MoreSee Less

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