Who is Magical Spelling for

Over the eighteen years that we have been teaching the Magical Spelling strategy, we have found that any educable person can master this skill.

Many people get it in 10 minutes. The very slowest take maybe four half-hour sessions. Then they become ‘natural’ good spellers. That is why Cricket called it “Magical Spelling”.

Find a Magical Spelling Course

Visit our full list of upcoming Magical Spelling courses already in the diary. We can provide courses in the UK and across Europe for both new learners and tutors.

If you’d like explore the Magical Spelling teaching strategy in your school or community, contact us about creating a bespoke course.

You can order our comprehensive workbook and desktop tutor to load onto your computer. Together these support teachers and parents  help children learn and embed the process easily.

You can download our Magical Spelling eBook with everything you need to learn the Strategy in 7 easy steps.

“I am continuously amazed and comforted that people can pick Magical Spelling up so easily when spelling has eluded them for so long.”

Cricket Kemp, Magical Spelling Limited Founder