The effects of Magical Spelling on general literacy skills

Cricket is pursuing a PhD examining the effect of Magical Spelling on general literacy skills and she would love to hear from you and know how you have got on using Magical Spelling.

Learning Magical Spelling

Using the workbook and CD you could give your pupils a blind test, then a seen test, then teach Magical Spelling, give the students a seen test and then a blind test about 3 months later. This will help you evaluate the effect of Magical Spelling. If you have a class who haven’t learnt the process yet you could compare their scores. Any research of this kind is valuable to us and we’d love to know your results and to help you set up experiments.

If you are interested in creating a school within which good spelling is a given and the associated improvements in literacy, self-esteem and learning are well researched and publicised then email Caitlin Walker so she can help you in the necessary approach.

Embedding Magical Spelling

Magical Spelling at LJMU
Would you like to work with us to embed Magical Spelling into your school and community?

Magical Spelling Ltd would like to do some large scale research on cascading the process through a whole school and then on to parents and into the community and we are looking for schools who would like to collaborate on this type of project.

For our research we need a whole school to work with and then at least one more school in which we teach a section of the school and track how well it cascades through the rest of the school community.

If you would like to collaborate on this project then please email Caitlin Walker.

Become part of the “I can teach the world to spell”

Would you like to learn to spell and be part of a TV program?

We are looking for people who can’t spell and would love to be able to spell.

You need to be happy to be filmed as this project is part of a pilot TV programme.

If you would like to be considered please contact us via our Facebook Page to learn more.